• Please upload JPEG or PDF images of the items you intend to sell. (If you have multiple items compile them into PDF for review.)
  • Please provide Local or State Business License or Certificate of License from City or State in which you reside. *(Note: Please do not submit application documents) ** visit for assistance with applying for licenses and permits.
  • *Note: those who are members of the Fraternity must be "Financially Active" members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in order to qualify for the vendor license member discount. In addition, the member must be the owner of the business. (The only exception is if the business is jointly owned by a husband and wife couple).
  • Please submit a Proof of Insurance (COI Form) document from your insurance provider. In the lower left box on the corner of the document please make sure the following information is included: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 2313 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21218
  • Email or to request a Vendor/Manufacturers license application. *(note: in the "Subject" line of your email please enter "Vendor License Application Request" ) Fee's: New Vendor License Application Fee: $3000. Note: $3000 will be paid for 3 consecutive years and then a discounted rate of $1500 per year will proceed afterwards. New Mfr. License Fee: $6500. Note: a $6500 fee will be paid for 3 consecutive years and then a discounted rate of $5000 per year will proceed afterwards. Financial Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. will receive a special vendor license rate. Please call (410)554-0040 ext. 106 for details.
  • Dear Vendor or Manufacturer Applicant, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (“A Phi A” or “Fraternity”) has made numerous changes made to its 2019-2020 vendor application process. Please review carefully. Securing a vendor license will require the applicant to submit the following: 1) Vendor Application; 2) payment by cashier’s check/money order or by using the enclosed Credit Card Authorization Form; 3) a current state business license or certificate and a current Certificate of Good Standing from the incorporating state; 4) signed Vendor Agreement; 5) Proof of Insurance (Certificate of Insurance); 6) verification of each good you intend to sell; and 7) current proof of majority ownership of business if seeking membership discount. After these items have been received, thoroughly reviewed and approved by the A PHI A Corporate Office, you will be sent a Certificate of License if Alpha deems it appropriate. Only after receiving your Certificate will you be considered a licensed vendor. Consequently, until you receive a current Certificate of License for 2019 you are NOT AUTHORIZED to sell Fraternity goods. Prohibited Items: The items include, but are not limited to: alcohol; tobacco; hazing; paddles and items tied to a culture of, and associated with, hazing; using the Crest or Shield on items that are walked on such as shoes, sandals, slippers or sat on including but not limited to placing them across the butt of any pant, shorts and the like or on car mats, floor mats, home welcome mats, on seat cushions etc.; on caskets or head/grave stones; related to children 18 years of age or younger; items that are sexist; sexually suggestive or explicit remarks; profanity; firearms or other weapons; or drug-related paraphernalia; controlled or illegal substance; that cast the Fraternity in a negative light; that endorses or associates the Fraternity with any other organization or entity without prior written expressed permission; anything that conflicts with the ideals and principles of the Fraternity; political campaigns or promotion of political causes; and those that are in bad taste, racist or demean another’s heritage, sexual orientation, race, color or creed. All forms of subscriptions are prohibited unless by a separate written agreement with the Fraternity. In addition, A PHI A Marks may not be used on clothing for non-members, women, infants, toddlers or pets. Furthermore, single Greek Letters such as “A” and “F”, or the animals “dog”, “ape” or “monkey” shall not be used singularly or collectively to represent or refer to the Fraternity or any of its members.