Our insurance policy has dramatically changed and that necessitates a change in operational procedures for how we manage and approve insurance requests.  Starting Tuesday, January 21st there will be a new Special Events Checklist form posted to the fraternal website. Any event that takes place on or after March 15, 2020 will be required to use this form to obtain insurance approvals. Even if you already have confirmation and a certificate issued you will need to reapply for insurance coverage.  There are no exceptions!

For events taking place prior to March 15th, the Corporate Risk Management, Education and Prevention Committee along with the appropriate Corporate Staff Members will conduct a risk assessment of your activity. You may be required to obtain additional insurance in order for the event to be approved.  

Additionally, moving forward insurance submissions must be made THIRTY (30) days in advance of the date of the event. Any requests inside that window will not only incur the $100 penalty but they will also need to be approved by your Regional Risk Management Officer (RMO) or the Chair of the Corporate Risk Management, Education and Prevention Committee.  Regional Risk Management officers can require additional conditions be met prior to the approval of your event.  The contact information for your Regional RMO’s has been posted on the fraternal website.  Additionally, if you have questions about best practices as it relates to specific types of activities, the committee chairs have been made available to you as resources for consultation.

Brothers, we realize that this is a difficult and abrupt transition but the risk is literally too high for us to ignore the potential consequences. We must change the way we operate to meet the requirements of our insurance carrier. That change starts now. Please know that we are available to you to answer questions and address concerns.  As always, we are operating with the best of intentions as the preservation of our organization is at stake.  Let us know how we can help you be successful during this transition.