Corporate Office Employment

The Corporate Headquarters is currently not accepting submissions.

Director of Marketing & Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for leading the vision, mission, and strategy for the marketing and communications of the of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., to its key internal and external stakeholders. In this role, the Director of Marketing and Communications and his team strategically partner with the General President and the Executive Director to bring to life through words, visuals and digital technology the critical work of Alpha Phi Alpha in support of the communities and the people whom we serve.

Senior Development Officer

The Senior Development Officer reports directly to the Executive Director and assist with the daily operational management of the Corporate Headquarters Facility and Departmental and Operational Functions. This senior level leadership position is also responsible for supporting the leadership team in developing programs and initiatives that support human resource functions and staff development and engagement initiatives. The Senior Development Officer assist with the daily operational and human resources management of the Corporate Headquarters and is also responsible for managing and coordinating vendor relations and business partnerships, facilities and building maintenance, staff professional development, onboarding and orientation, and assist with, staff engagement and event planning and logistics.

Data Analyst / IT Coordinator

The Business Services Department of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. seeks a Data Analyst / IT Coordinator to oversee technology operations and evaluate infrastructure needs based on organizational demands. Successful candidate will also devise and establish IT policies in conjunction with the Sr. Operations Manager to support the implementation of strategies set by the Executive Director. The Data Analyst / IT Coordinator will also analyze the organizational requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

The Social Media Marketing Coordinator manages marketing content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive engagement, audience retention, leads for new partners, and mobilization. The primary functions are to manage the design and content for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. websites, and to create, maintain, update, and curate all website content. This would include developing a content delivery strategy for our digital properties as well as overseeing the day-to-day content operations for content deliver.