Regional Leadership

Since its inception, Alpha Phi Alpha has chartered 414 college chapters and 369 alumni chapters. Alpha chapter, the first college chapter was founded in 1906 and Alpha Lambda, the first alumni chapter was founded in 1911.

Alpha Phi Alpha chapters are expected to be “Servants of All” and to provide important community service and support programs within the limits of chapter resources. All chapters are expected to give first priority to those programs mandated and recommended by the General Organization. Participation in national programs is a key component in judging for all fraternal awards.

As units of a national organization, chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha derive their authority to act from the General Organization and that authority is limited to those functions set forth by the rules and regulations of the General Organization. Chapter authority is predicated upon its being “in good standing” – that is, having fulfilled obligations and not being under disciplinary restriction for violation of regulations.

Today Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is comprised of 686 active chapters located in the United States, Germany, Bermuda, Korea, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and Canada.

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University professionals who are looking to validate contact information for our elected or appointed are encouraged to use the below directory or call us directly at 410.554.0040. Alpha Phi Alpha’s chapters can be located in one of our five regions.

Christopher G. Ellis, Jr. - VICE

District: International (BM/GER/LIB/SA/UK)
Director: Dr. Steven D. Carter  |

District: New England (MA, VT, CT, NH, RI)
Director: Yves E. Salomon  |

District: New York
Director: Larry Scott Blackmon  |

District: New Jersey
Director: Alexander H. McLucas  |

District: Pennsylvania
Director: Robert B. Hill, Jr.  |

District: Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware
Director: Raymond Hawkins, Jr.  |

District: Virginia
Director: Fred W. Scott, Jr.  |

Franklin Stacy, Jr. - VICE PRESIDENT

District: Canada
Director: Claude C. Olugbala  |

District: Illinois
Director: Dr. Leonard C. McKinnis, Jr.  |

District: Indiana
Director: Alonzo O. Ross  |

District: Iowa
Director: Skylar Mayberry-Mayes  |

District: Kansas
Director: Joseph W. Shepard  |

District: Kentucky
Director: Abdul H. Muhammad  |

District:  Michigan
Director: Lindsey C. Williams  |

District: Minnesota
Director: Gene L. Ward Jr.  |

District: Missouri
Director: Damon E. Roath  |

District: Nebraska
Director: Meredith O. Grayson  |

District: Ohio
Director: Jameson S. Taylor  |

District: West Virginia
Director: Tomas R. Vernon  |

District: Wisconsin
Director: Daniel M. Franklin  |

Cecil E. Howard - VICE

District: Alabama
Director: Clinton L. Johnson, Jr.  |

District: Florida
Director: Dr. Gregory J. Harris  |

District:  Georgia
Director: Sherman M. Lofton, Jr.  |

District: Mississippi
Director:  Dr. Anthony D. Newman  |

District: North Carolina
Director: Michael Pittman |

District: South Carolina
Director: Vincent A. Gatling, Jr. |

District: Tennessee
Director: Tony M. Beard |

Jeramaine O. Netherly - VICE

District: Arkansas
Director: Terence T. Cox |

District: Louisiana
Director: Rodney D. Welch |

District: Oklahoma
Director: Marcus L. Clayton |

District: Texas
Director: Derrell R. Robinson |

Wayne M. Kimball, Jr. - VICE

District: Northern California
Director: Ryan T. McCreary |

District: Southern California
Director: Kevin L. Simon |

District: Rocky Mountain (Colorado/Utah)
Director: Eric Graham |

District: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico
Director: Kenneth C. Youngblood |

District: Great Northwest
Director: Thomas L. Brown, Jr. |