#AcrossTheFence & Alpha


In a slight change of pace, August Wilson’s FENCES comes to movie theaters on Christmas Day, 2016, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. It’s a story about a father, mother, and son and all of the things they needed to say to each other as well as all the things left unsaid.

Today in support of FENCES, people across the country are sending messages to loved ones with all the things they’ve wanted to say but never have – using photos, videos, interviews, original artwork and more. Use the hashtag #ACROSSTHEFENCE to share your story. The idea is to build bonds with family and loved ones in new ways, sharing healing messages that previously were left unsaid. On the eve of our one hundred and tenth anniversary, this is an opportunity for us as men to show how strong we are in developing leaders and show our love for all mankind.

Let’s show that Alpha Cares.

Mark S. Tillman
General President