April 20, 2021

Brothers of Alpha,

The verdict of “guilty on all three counts” is resonating throughout the world from the Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through his murder, Mr. George Floyd pricked the collective conscience of the world.  He deserved to be treated like a human being.  The verdict has affirmed that accountability was demonstrated and is a key marker of advancement towards justice. However, we all know, there is still much work to be done. As this administration is launching our platforms, particularly surrounding social justice, I am committed to working with our Brothers to address police reform through our leadership and engagement on every level and especially in our communities.

There are Brothers who are leading the way in their respective communities and demonstrating how to make a difference. By making that difference and through standing on our core principles of service and leadership, we continue to demonstrate that we are men who are called to servant-leadership.  In fact, we are men of distinction based on who we are and how we lead.  I am committed to bringing new ideas and training to our fraternity so that we can continue to be the caltalysts for positive change that our communities need.  As we continue on this journey toward justice, I encourage every Brother to “lean-in” and keep pushing for the change we need. Please stay vigilant and continue to hold high the light of Alpha!


Willis L. Lonzer, III, Ph.D.

General President