Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation

The Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. is the non-profit charitable arm of the fraternity, which focuses on scholarship, programs and training and development of the membership. Education Foundation encompasses the implementation of Go-to-High School, Go-to-College; Project Alpha; First of All, We Vote; The Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest; The John Hope Franklin Collegiate Scholars Bowl; The Hobart Jarrett Debate Competition; Leadership Development Institutes and the professional and personal development thrusts of the fraternity—Alpha University. Donate today to help the Education Foundation reach its goals.

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Alpha Phi Alpha Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to promote scholarship and academic achievement and provide resources, services and advocacy to the global community. Recent efforts of the Foundation have been focused on urban education and growing resources and partnerships to aggressively attack the lack of innovation, achievement, preparation often found in these environments. Some current programmatic efforts include technology based efforts to maximize the human capital found in our inner city school systems and prepare them for future academic and corporate success. A second prong of this urban initiative is Edward W. Brooke Scholarship Program for collegiate youth who wish to enter the academic field and work in disadvantaged urban school districts. The foundation is also looking into other programs that may provide a broader impact at the early education phase for children.The Foundation was commissioned in 2008 by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. to serve as the funding engine for the philanthropic programs and initiatives of the organization. Toward that effort the foundation is focused on endowment creation, corporate and individual charitable fundraising, programming development to impact local, national, and global communities.

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Alpha Phi Alpha Building Foundation

Established as an "economic development corporation to promote, preserve, and protect the infrastructure of our community. The Foundation has developed a unique approach to effect positive change." The Alpha Village represents a project built and purchased by Alpha men and a forward step towards an economic development movement.

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Jewels Heritage Project

The Jewels Heritage Project, Inc. (JHP) is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit corporation, whose mission is to reclaim, restore and revive two historic properties, previously neglected, which are a part of American history, and were instrumental to the founding of the first intercollegiate fraternal organization for African Americans, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. JHP intends to accomplish its mission in two phases.

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These represent the fraternity's signature efforts on voter engagement, mentoring, education, and elder care.

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These efforts allow the Fraternity to respond to timely issues affecting the African American community.

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