Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s A Voteless People is a Hopeless People (VPHP) Committee, in conjunction with the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s (NPHC) Get Out the Vote Social Action Task Force, has been working with the NAACP to focus on the 2016 election. The task force has created an events strategy, deliverables, reporting tool, and a way to submit photos of your election event(s). The following items will allow you to create your own individualized 2016 election strategy based on your state’s voter registration and Election Day requirements.

Please review the NPHC Getting Starting document and then use the link to the reporting tool and the photo submission site once the event has ended to properly document your activity in our communities. In using this reporting tool, we will be able to consolidate all of our activities and provide a single report to our communities of the combined efforts of the NPHC for this critical election.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016, which is right around the corner, so please follow your state’s voter registration deadline requirements as they vary by state. We are asking every college and alumni chapter to work with your local NPHC counterparts from now until Election Day to be engaged in our communities to register voters, host candidate forums, and help get people to the polls.

Brothers, please also view our VPHP information on our General Office’s websiteas we have now added VPHP logos and have also included a sample display board as a Word document, which is easily customizable for your chapter’s future VPHP community programs and events.

Moving forward, we must continue to educate our communities and encourage them to participate in every election so that their votes and voices are heard. As a community, we have better turnout during the presidential election but we have a noticeably smaller turnout for the mid-term and local elections in off-year presidential elections. Engaging our communities now during a high-turnout election helps us maintain momentum leading into the next few years of local and state elections.

Should you have any additional questions, please send them to the VPHP committee at


Mark S. Tillman