I remain impressed by your hard work: inspiring and encouraging our communities to vote. Throughout Election Day, brothers displayed their “I Voted” stickers as a sense of pride in exercising their right. Many of you implemented our Voting Toolkit to register new voters and increase participation across the country. Although the outcome has been considered a surprise, it does not change how we as Alpha men move forward. Ultimately, it does matter who is elected and what position they take; Alpha men know that we must continue to move our country forward by holding our leaders accountable. As a fraternity, we will work hard to serve our communities, guided by our purpose and Alpha’s mission.

Now is the time when we need all Alpha brothers in the House. Together, with Alpha brothers in your community, we can be a stronger force for advancement. If you have not done so, I am asking that all brothers act today by becoming active with the fraternity and associating with a chapter in your community. Today is the last day to renew your active membership without a late fee. Click here, log on right now, renew your membership, and help us continue to fight. 

In fewer than 2 months, this fraternity will transition to new leadership. My hope is that our objectives remain the same: encouraging people to vote, mentoring young boys to develop into future leaders, and demonstrating that Alpha Phi Alpha is a twenty-first-century change agent. While our beloved Alpha Phi Alpha and country go through leadership changes, we must use this time to educate, organize, and prepare for what comes next.

The next election will be here fast, and I have faith that we will be ready.

Mark S. Tillman