Brother Huel D. Perkins Passing / Boston Bombing Update

Brother Huel D. Perkins Passing / Boston Bombing Update

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The Passing of Brother Huel D. Perkins

Brothers, on Monday, April 15, 2013, Brother Huel D. Perkins, one of the original members of the Alpha Phi Alpha World Policy Council [WPC] and the author of the Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart Song, passed away. Brother Perkins occupied the WPC position of secretary and archivist, a role he filled with distinction, producing bound volumes of WPC proceedings as a result of his hard work. Invoking vision problems and weakness due to declining health, he resigned from WPC “with much regret” just over a year ago, whereupon he was designated member emeritus. Brother Perkins is listed with this designation in the latest WPC report, “The Obama Administration: An Evaluation.”

Brother Perkins was dedicated to the WPC and, in fact, to all things of uplift associated with Alpha Phi Alpha. His passing leaves a great void in the brotherhood, which he served in many capacities with great honor and distinction.

As Brother Perkins, and many other brothers, transition into the Omega Chapter, our chapter of sweet rest, please pray for their families and extended Alpha families as they remember the ones they love. Brother Huel Perkins, son of Brother Huel D. Perkins, has informed us of his father’s wish NOT to have an Omega Service; and that any money brothers would spent traveling from around the country, instead should be donated to the Alpha Phi Alpha Educational Foundation, in his memory and honor. Click Here to Make a Donation, honoring Brother Perkins.

Tragedy Strikes Boston Marathon

Brothers, we have gotten confirmation that all brothers who were in the Boston area during the blasts yesterday afternoon have been accounted for at this time. We want to send out our prayers to everyone affected by this horrible act. Please click the “more updates” button below to view updated information as we receive it.

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